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  • Jan Roose

OGL 1.1 & Dungeon Realms, Shortly

Hi, this is Jan., Dungeon Realms Designer & CEO.

You may have recently heard about the leak of Wizards of the Coast’s/Hasbro's OGL 1.1 and its potential impact on projects like Dungeon Realms.

As you know, we built our platform on the Open Gaming License (OGL), a document that enables creators to develop products using a limited version of the D&D 5th Edition mechanics and some content.

Recently, information leaked regarding Wizards’/Hasbro' plans to de-authorize the previous OGL and require creators to join OGL 1.1, which has significant implications for all content creators, particularly Virtual Tabletops like Dungeon Realms. Unfortunately, VTTs may not be able to use the OGL at all under these new terms.

I understand that Wizards is likely looking to increase the adoption of their upcoming One D&D VTT, but this move would be a setback for our team, which has dedicated countless hours and significant resources to developing Dungeon Realms over the last five years.

The D&D community has united in opposition to this change, with many people speaking out against it. I share their sentiment and believe this move is unfair, predatory, and a bad-faith action. I am hopeful that this change will not come to pass and that we will be able to continue to provide updates and improvements to Dungeon Realms as we have been.

If Wizards does decide to proceed with OGL 1.1, we will need to make some changes to our platform. The legality of their de-authorization of OGL 1.0 is uncertain - but we definitely do not have the resources to fight it in court. Maybe larger companies like Paizo will take on this challenge and set a precedent for the open-source community as a whole.

Our changes would involve stepping back from using OGL and transitioning to a more general mobile role-playing platform that allows for custom stats, classes, and other elements. This would give creators more flexibility to develop the games they want, but it would also mean that we would not be building specifically around the 5E OGL anymore. Additionally, this transition would take time and resources, and some feature requests from our backlog would need to be delayed.

If you want to support the #OpenD&D movement, I urge you to speak out against this change and let Wizards know that their customers do not support it. Ultimately, it is the customer that holds power.

Thank you for reading!

PS: Today, we tested terrain painting on maps, and it looks cool! Can’t wait to share.


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