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We’re Working on New Features!


Dungeon Realms is an all-in-one mobile TTRPG experience, and our team wants to provide the best possible platform for you. New features are always on the horizon. 

Please scroll down to see the critical priority features we will implement in the upcoming months. Remember that those features’ design or art might change as we progress. 

Better Rolls


There will be greater transparency for rolls. Your rolls will show appropriate modifiers, abilities, and other bonuses.


Battle Map


Combating just in a chat can be difficult. We will add a map to the app so you can easily manage your battles.


Better Mechanics: Traits, Conditions, Features, Spells & More


We will improve all current mechanics so you have a real-game advantage with them - both in chat and on the map.

We will add more character levels, backgrounds, subclasses, and monsters.

Game Time


Game Masters will be able to track an in-campaign time. This will be especially useful for temporary items and conditions.


Chat Actions


Players will be able to attack, cast spells, or use items and class features right in chat.




We will implement full combat to the battle map - actions, bonus actions, turns, rounds and more.


Map Builder


Edit your location maps and regional maps. You will have many assets that you can use in your world-building.


Avatar Builder


You’ll be able to customize your character avatar any way you like.


We Welcome Your Suggestions!

Go to our Discord and send them to our #suggestions channel.

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