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3D Dice

Cool 3D dice you can roll by shaking your phone.

Friend list

Add other users to your friend list so it's easier to find and play with them again.

Instant Matching

Start playing campaigns without waiting - tap & join with your characters.


The ability for a GM to give player inspiration for good role-playing.


In-app shop with premium adventures and other content.

Dungeon Realms Lore

Role-play in the original Dungeons Realms Lore - The Charred Shores.

In-Game Clock

Have an overview of the time in your campaign.

Level up to LVL 6

You'll be able to level up your character up to LVL 6.

Ratings & Reviews

Rate and review other players or Game Masters after you played together.

Roll Calculations

See how you rolled - the dice result, bonuses, and penalties.

Background Music & SFX

Enjoy atmospheric background music and SFX while playing a campaign.

Unread Messages

When opening a campaign, see which messages you have already read and which are new.

World Map Editor

Create a world map for you and your players. Edit it anytime quickly.

Avatar Builder

Change your character's appearance to your liking. Use an advanced face editor, and pick out a lot of available clothing.


Combine more different classes as you level up - get a great mix of class features.

Mechanics 2.0 & Subclasses

The next mechanics update should take into account some class features effects and racial traits effects and bring you subclasses.

Game Master Profile

The next level of GM profiles - listed campaigns, badges, statistics and more.

Mechanics 3.0

Players, NPCs, and Monster can use items and cast spells. Conditions and exhaustions will have a mechanical effect.

Tutorial Solo Adventures

A tutorial solo adventure for new players and GMs to understand Dungeon Realms better.

Someone's Typing

See if a player or a Game Master is typing a new message.

Location Map Editor

Attach location maps to your world map and build interesting sublocations.

Pets & Followers

Your character will be able to have pets or followers, which they can control.

Magic Items

Get items that have unique effects on your character.

Grid Battle Map

Position monsters, NPCs, and characters on a simple grid map to overview everyone's positions.