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Reset a Character

Reset your character back to LVL 1.

E-mail Log In

Use your e-mail and password to log into Dungeon Realms.

Remove XP

Be able to decrease XP for your players.

Video Call

Role-play via a video call.

Phone Landscape Mode

Enjoy the Dungeon Realms app in landscape mode.

Search Chat

Be able to search in-campaign and out-of-campaign chat for messages.

Auto-Roll Timer

Auto-roll for players if they take too much time to make their rolls.

Message Bookmarks

Bookmark or pin any message in your campaign so that you can access it fast later.

Unblock Chat When Rolling

Currently, all users in a campaign need to wait for everyone to roll. Allow people to play even when there are rolls to make.

Delete Direct Messages

Be able to delete a whole conversation in direct messages.

Swipe to Change Chats

Navigate between in-campaign and out-of-campaign chat with a single swipe.


Add language info to your campaign. Filter public campaigns by a language.

Voice Call

Role-play via a voice call.

Abilities: Rolling Method

Be able to roll ability stats.

Hide Difficulty Class

When setting up a Saving Throws, Skill Check, or Ability Check, be able to hide the difficulty class.

Images in the Campaign Chat

Upload images and attach them to your messages in a campaign chat.

Direct Speech

Add a way for Game Masters and Players to quickly set up a direct speech in chat messages.

Number of Players

Add the desired number of players information to a public campaign.

Character Sheet Import

Import a character sheet from services such as D&D Beyond or MRPG.

Switch a Game Master

Assign the GM role to another user in a campaign.

Live Games Scheduling

Use the Dungeon Realms app for live campaigns.

Lower Default Ability Score

Lower the default ability scores so characters aren't overpowered.

Export Adventure

Export your Dungeon Realms adventure right from your campaign.

Shared Notes

Use shared notes, where players and Game Masters can share and save information.

Text Formatting

Format text in your chat messages. Use Bold, Italic, and different colors, sizes, and fonts.

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