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The Fireball 2022 Summer Announcement! 🔥

Hi! This is Jan, Fireball designer & co-founder. I hope you have a great Summer. We want to make it even a little bit better with our new announcement! There is a lot to unwrap, so let’s dive right into it!

Today I want to talk about a couple of things

  • Premium Campaigns with Pro Game Masters

  • Monsters & NPCs feature

  • Our Original Lore & Introduce our First 3 Adventures

  • Public roadmap

  • New name

Great Campaigns by Pro Game Masters

For each public campaign, there are usually a lot of applicants. But GMs pick only some players. We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience a great adventure, so we launched Pro Campaigns!

Pro Campaigns are run by Game Masters committed to keeping your campaign active and awesome. They’re required to send at least four messages daily, and they all have years of experience with GMing. They can handle things like Combat even tho the app doesn’t fully support it yet.

There are Pro Campaigns listed in the app, and you can join right now! All Pro Campaigns cost $19.99 for a WHOLE MONTH of adventuring - that’s only about $0.66 a day. Currently, 100% of the payments go straight to GMs.

Book a Pro Campaign right now at - and that’s not all. We created a promo code “firstcampaign” which will give you $5 off. The promo code is valid for the next 12 hours!

Unlimited NPCs & 245 Monsters Coming in About Two Weeks!

Currently, all monsters and NPCs exist only in the Game Master’s imagination. Not anymore in about two weeks! We’ll be adding the NPCs & Monsters feature.


You’ll be able to create as many NPCs as you’d like. The process of creating an NPC is the same as creating a character. You will be able to give them a name, appearance, race, class, and other things.

You’ll be able to add them next to players on the game screen or keep them hidden in your NPC database. NPC character sheets will also be available.

When you add them next to players, it will be possible to manage NPCs’ inventory, give them XPs, edit Hit Points, and all the other things you’re already able to do with party members.

Rolling for NPCs will also be available - Attack Rolls, Initiative, Saving Throws, Skill Checks, and Custom Rolls. The GM will roll on its behalf when there is an NPC roll.


We will be adding 245 monsters! That’s all monsters you know from the 5E SRD, up to Challenge Rating 7.

GMs will be able to manage monsters very similarly to NPCs. You’ll be able to add them next to players, edit their stats, let them roll, and more. All monsters will have their stat block.

Send Message As

As a Game Master, you’ll be able to select a “Sender” of your message. So you’ll be able to send a message as an NPC or a Monster.

Turning ex-Players into NPCs

When a player leaves your campaign, their character will automatically become an NPC. You, as a Game Master, will be able to play on the player’s behalf. You can also delete the NPC, but you’ll at least have an option to handle the player’s disappearance more smoothly.

The New Original Lore: The Charred Shores

We created a boundless fantasy world role players everywhere can explore. Amazing adventures, complex characters, and thrilling twists and turns await you!

We put together a Short Introduction to the lore.

  • A New World to Explore

  • History

  • The Gods and Magic

  • Geography

  • Realms Beyond

Later this year, we’ll be adding our lore right into the app. There will be the Charred Shores World Map in the app, locations, descriptions, and more.

Ready-Made Adventures

We’ve been working hard on our first quick-start adventures. You’ll be able to play them right in the app.

As a Game Master, when creating a new campaign, you’ll be able to select if you want to start playing from scratch or use a pre-made adventure.

Great Experience for Players and Simple for Game Masters

Every adventure will contain many ready-made messages that help you tell the story. It will be easy to add them to your message draft with one tap, edit whatever you like, then send! They’ll also have attachments, like images or rolls.

Three New Adventures in About Four Weeks!

We’ll be releasing three brand new adventures.