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Quickstart Campaigns: Explore Game Mastering Now + 2 New Free Chat Backgrounds! 🔥

Hey there, it’s Jan, Dungeon Realms designer! 👋

After more than a year, we have a new update for you. Why the long wait? In February 2023, we ran out of resources and had to close temporarily. This took a personal toll as well, so we took a year to recover. Now, we're back! :)

However, things are not quite the same as they were. We're no longer a VC-funded startup but a small indie side project. We work on Dungeon Realms in the evenings, whenever possible, rather than full-time. Despite this, we still love D&D, cherish our community, and want to bring you the best we can. 🧡 Update now

New Update: Quickstart Campaigns

Today, we’re starting with something small but important. Many people have asked us questions like, "How do I add NPCs and monsters to my campaign?" or "Where are the items?" So, we've made it easier for anyone to start a campaign and explore Game Mastering.

Previously, you had to invite players before you could start a campaign and access all the Game Master's tools. Now, you can prepare an intro message even before the campaign starts, add NPCs and monsters, browse items, create custom items and monsters, build maps, and more.

8 Readymade Starting Messages!

We know that sometimes it can be hard to come up with a good intro for your campaign. So, for beginner GMs, we've prepared 8 readymade intro messages to help you kickstart your adventure. Each one contains unique text and graphics, and includes a chat background scene!

2 New Free Chat Background Scenes!

As a bonus, we've added two new free chat scenes that you can include in your adventure: "Dark Forest" and "Evening Village." Enjoy!

It is really a nice feeling to write down a new update for you in such a long time! We will do our best to send another update soon 🔥 Enjoy your adventures!

Jan & Team

Dungeon Realms

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