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Hero: Custom Items, Monsters, Unlimited Adventures & Characters! 🔥 Claim Your Free Week Now!

Hey there, it’s Jan! 👋 We’ve got some exciting news to share today. We’re thrilled to introduce the Hero Subscription! Let me walk you through how it can enhance your Dungeon Realms experience, what awesome benefits it includes, and how much it costs.

By subscribing to Hero, you’ll receive a 2x campaign boost and personalized perks! You can utilize your campaign boosts to unlock premium features for all members in your campaign, while the personal perks are exclusively for you.

You can claim your free week of Hero subscription today by clicking on the links below:

Campaign Leveling: Custom Items & Monsters

Now you can enhance your campaigns collectively. As a Game Master or Player, you have the power to boost your campaign levels and elevate the experience for all members in your campaign.

Initially, a campaign is set to LVL 0, which includes all the familiar features you already know. Upon reaching LVL 1, you’ll unlock Custom Items, and LVL 2 will grant you access to Custom Monsters.

For all Hero subscribers, you’ll receive two campaign boosts that can be utilized across multiple campaigns. Plus, all members in the campaign can view who’s contributing to the campaign’s levels.

Remember, you have the option to remove your boosts at any time, and if you leave or delete a campaign, your boosts will be automatically returned to you.

Campaign LVL 1: Homebrew Items, Weapons, Armor, and Shields!

Game Masters and Players now have the ability to create their own custom items, weapons, armor, and shields. GMs can easily distribute these items to players and NPCs within the campaign.

You can view all custom items in a list, including who created them and the item’s specific details. Keep in mind that you have the option to create public or private items (hidden from players). GMs can see all custom items, even private ones.

Please note that if you leave a campaign, you will lose any custom items acquired during that campaign. However, we’re working to address this limitation in the future.

With over 1500 icons and many inputs available (such as weight, price, description, name, AC bonus, damage dice & type, weapon attributes, weapon type, armor type, and much more), the customization possibilities are big!

Campaign LVL 2: Custom Monsters!

Creating custom monsters is a breeze with similar logic to custom items. Anyone in the campaign can create their own monsters, which can be kept private or made public. The GM can see all custom monsters and has the exclusive ability to add them to shelves or maps.

The customization options are endless, with over 500 icons and numerous settings available, such as name, description, HP, speed, actions & properties, action DMG, vulnerabilities, immunities, resistances, type, size, and more!

So let your imagination run wild and start creating your own custom monsters to enhance your campaign.

More Campaign Levels Soon!

Soon we’ll introduce new features you can unlock with more campaign boosts!

Personal Perks: Unlimited Characters & All-Adventures Access!

When subscribed to a Hero, you’re also getting more personal benefits! You can create as many characters as you want without paying for character slots, and you can access all adventures in the app for free!

Unlimited Characters!

With Hero, you don’t have to worry about character slots. Normally, you’d have to pay for additional slots if you want more than three characters. But with Hero, you can create as many characters as you want.

If your Hero subscription ends, you’ll still have access to all the slots you’ve acquired before the subscription started.

All-Adventure Access!

Hero also gives you access to all ready-made adventures in the app for free! You won’t need to spend any Fire Gems to start any of the premium adventures, including Hooves & Horns, Frozen Hunger, The Curse of a Temple Cove, and Fairfax. Plus, any future premium adventures will also be automatically unlocked.

If you’ve already purchased some ready-made content, the app will remember that too. You’ll still have access to them even if your Hero subscription ends.

Hero: Pricing & Free Trial

If you enjoy the benefits, you can choose to subscribe monthly for $5.98/month or annually for $59.76/year, which is just $4.98/month, a 20% discount compared to the monthly subscription. We’ve had extensive discussions with the Dungeon Realms community to determine this pricing, and we hope you find it reasonable too!

What Happens if I Cancel My Hero Subscription?

Campaign Boosts

If you cancel your Hero subscription, any campaign boosts you were providing will be lost, which could potentially result in features such as Homebrew Items or Homebrew Monsters becoming locked for everyone in the campaign.


When you next open the app, you’ll be prompted to choose which characters you want to keep active. Keep in mind that the number of characters you can keep is determined by the number of character slots you’ve purchased. By default, you can only have up to three free characters, but you can obtain additional slots with Fire Gems.

Premium Adventures

If you were in the middle of a premium adventure campaign and your Hero subscription runs out, you won’t be able to access the campaign chat until you either purchase the adventure with Fire Gems or switch to a different adventure or a homebrew campaign.

Custom Items & Monsters

As for homebrewed items and monsters, they’ll remain in your inventories and on the NPC & Monster list, shelf, or map, but you won’t be able to create any new ones or have the GM add new ones to your inventories or the list if the campaign has lost a level.

I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to see your amazing items and creatures coming to light! 🔥

New updates soon!

Jan & Team

Dungeon Realms

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