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Let’s Go on an Adventure! 🎲 Campaigns, Characters & Maps

Hey there, it’s Jan, Dungeon Realms designer! 👋

Dungeon Realms has recently been updated with Quickstart Games. It’s been a while since the last update, so I think this is a perfect time to quickly review the basics and get you ready for an adventure!

I’ll show you how to create a great character, build a thrilling campaign, and most importantly, how to find a Game Master or Players. Update now

Create a Great Character

You can build a new character right from the main menu. Choose from 9 playable races, 12 classes, and numerous backgrounds, appearances, and personality traits!

Once you have your character, you can either apply to a public campaign in the “Browse” menu or get invited to a private campaign by a specific Game Master. If you’d like to meet some Game Masters, visit our Discord channel #looking-for-campaigns.

Build a Thrilling Campaign

As a Game Master, you can start a new campaign easily from the main screen. Choose either a homebrew campaign (create everything from scratch) or a pre-made adventure, which guides you in creating the best experience for your players.

You have hundreds of monsters and items at your disposal, an NPC creator, an advanced map builder, and other tools to make the adventure your own.

To get players, you can either invite your friends by their username or list your campaign as public to receive character applications. There is also #looking-for-players channel on our Discord.

PS: Even if you don't want to be a Game Master, you can still try creating a campaign, building a map, and browsing monsters and items.

Become a Hero: Custom Items, Monsters, Unlimited Adventures & Characters!

Get the full Dungeon Realms experience with the Hero subscription. Create unlimited characters and enhance any campaign with custom items and monsters.

You won’t need to spend any Fire Gems to start premium adventures. Plus, all future premium adventures will be automatically unlocked.

Learn more about the Hero subscription here.

Jan & Team

Dungeon Realms

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