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Alpha Testing 📱 & New Content 📦

Updated: Jun 14, 2022


We’re excited to announce that we’re testing both iOS & Android versions internally! Take a look at the first-ever photos of our app and get ready for a video walkthrough coming next week. We’ve also got content news and more amazing art to show you!

Fireball Alpha Version is Being Tested ✅

Right now the Fireball team is testing the Alpha version of the app on both iOS and Android in order to optimize core gameplay, fix bugs, and make sure the experience is awesome and smooth. Friends, family, and selected Discord members will be helping us out too. Once the Alpha version gets the thumbs-up, we’ll announce a date for the Early Access release. 🔥

Next week we’ll be publishing a walkthrough video of the Alpha version for you guys, so keep an eye out!

New Content! 📜

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen some of the amazing art painted by the Art team, such as Gnolls, Hags, Kobolds, and more. All of it will be a part of our content wiki, where you can look up monsters, items, locations, and everything else lore-related in a fun and organized way.

The descriptions for all the content are being written by our talented writers. Descriptions can be sent as in-game messages by the GM, or read whenever you want in the wiki. Changing the text to fit your specific lore or ideas is no problem either – just tap and edit to make it yours! 🗺️ There are already hundreds of prepared paragraphs you’ll be able to use!

We Started Testing Fireball Original Adventures!

Original Fireball lore is being tested internally – we role-played the beginning of our first adventure and have already polished and improved it. The adventure will be added after the full release, and you’ll be able to play it through as is, or use whatever lore you want from it in your own homebrew adventures.

You’ll be hearing more on this very soon from Tom, our Content Director – so stay tuned! 💯

Thank you for your patience. We’ll do our best to optimize the Alpha version as fast as we can and deliver the Early Access.

We understand you might have questions. Feel free to ask us anything on Discord, Instagram, or Facebook. 💬

Thank you! Fireball Team

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