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Monsters & NPCs Update Is Here! Get It Now!

Update your Fireball app now to get the Monsters & NPCs update! Any Game Master can prepare an unlimited amount of NPCs and use all monsters up to Challenge Rating 7. That's over 240 monsters you can use in your campaigns right now.

Read below

  • How to create an NPC

  • How to add a monster

  • How to send a message as an NPC or a monster

  • Monsters & NPCs: Editing Character Sheets & Rolling

  • Turning ex-players into NPCs

  • How do players see NPCs & Monsters?

  • Text-size Settings

  • What's Next?

How to Create an NPC

As a Game Master, open a new message. Do you see the NPC button? Tap on it. An empty screen will appear. Tap the Plus button and select if you want to create a new NPC or add a new monster.

If you're adding an NPC, you will go through the character creation process - the same as when players create their characters. There is one difference, you can select a level of an NPC. Currently, the first three levels are available. When you choose a higher level than one, you can level up the NPC right after you put it into the game.

When you create a new NPC, you can keep it hidden in your private Monsters & NPC list or add it to the Shelf, right next to players.

When you add it to the Shelf, you add an NPC by sending a message with the "+NPC" attachment.

How to Add a Monster

Adding a monster is fast and straightforward. After tapping the Plus button in the Monster & NPC list, you can add a monster. You'll see a list of all available monsters, and you can add a number of them to your private Monster & NPC list.

Searching for a Monster

If you're searching for a specific monster, you can use the Search button at the top or browse monster categories like Abbearations, Beasts, Celestials, etc.

Quick Monster Detail

In the monster list, tap an icon of any monster to see their detail. View icon, base stats (HP, Initiative, AC), Actions & Properties, Speeds, Abilities, Resistance, Immunities, Vulnerabilities, Senses, and Languages.

When you add it to the Shelf, you add a Monster by sending a message with the "+Monster" attachment.

How to Send a Message as an NPC or a Monster

When you, as a Game Master, have monsters or NPCs added to the Shelf next to players, you can send messages as Monsters or NPCs.

Open a new message. Now you can select the Sender and the Recipient. If you open Senders, select any monster or NPC. Now you're sending messages as them. Selecting a recipient is like setting up a whisper. You choose who is going to see your messages.

Monsters & NPCs: Character Sheets & Editing

Viewing Character Sheets

If you have an NPC or a monster on the Shelf, you can tap them to show their character sheets.

NPCs have the same character sheets as players’ characters. Monsters have similar ones, but instead of LVL, there is their Challenge Rating. Monsters also don’t have the equipment, backgrounds, or spell books - just their actions and properties.

Game Master Actions & Rolling

If you have an NPC or a monster on the Shelf, you can edit them the same way you’re editing players’ characters. Change their HP, XP, conditions, etc.

Both Monsters and NPCs can also roll ability checks, skill checks, saving throws, initiative, attack rolls, and custom rolls. When a roll for Monster or NPC is set, the GM needs to auto-roll for them.

Turning Ex-Players into NPCs

When a player leaves your campaign, their character will automatically become an NPC. You, as a Game Master, will be able to play on the player’s behalf. You can also delete the NPC, but you’ll at least have an option to handle the player’s disappearance more smoothly.

How do players see NPCs & Monsters?

When a Game Master adds an NPC or a Monster to the Shelf, the party also sees them. When they tap a Monster or an NPC, they don’t see any details - just public descriptions and names.

Text-size Settings

One more thing in this update is the new App Settings screen!

You can access it on the main screen. You can change Paragraph Font Size in the App Settings screen: Small, Medium, or Large. You can also contact our team or access the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

What’s Next?

We’re really excited about what’s next. The ready-made Adventures feature is almost ready and will be released in a couple of weeks.

Then - the long-awaited - battle map feature will come!

Have great adventures!

The Fireball Team

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