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Check 35 New Character Appearances, a New Adventure & Online Status! 🟢

Hi! 👋 This is Jan. We’re happy to announce our November 2022 update containing 35 new character appearances, one new free adventure called “Dead Man’s Game,” and the Online Status feature!

Update your app here: App Store, Google Play

Check out Those New Characters!

You can choose your appearance when creating a new character or an NPC. The selection is much wider now! You can go to the app and check them out.

Each of those characters costs 99 Fire Gems, less than $1.

New Free Adventure: Dead Man’s Game

“Lucky Cedar, a playful rogue, invites you to his funeral for a little game. Will you win the shiny prize or run home in tears?”

Dead Man’s Game is the newest free Dungeon Realms adventure. You can find it in the app when creating a new campaign. If you liked The First Step, definitely give it a go!

Online Status 🟢

All across the app, you can now see the online status of other role-players if they’ve already updated the app to the latest version. Not only that, but you can also check the last time they were online.

Thank you for being so supportive! December will be a very exciting month for Dungeon Realms. We’re finishing a few features you’ve been waiting for.


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