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Explore 200+ New Objects, Creature Names, Regions, Walls & Roofs! 🏠

Exciting news, adventurers! It’s Jan, and I’ve got some updates to share with you all. We released our map builder two weeks ago, and it’s been a wild ride. I’ve been blown away by all the creative and impressive maps.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are thrilled to announce some map improvements you might like.

Explore 200+ New Objects

Explore over 200 objects, now sorted into Forest, Town, Dungeon, Interior, Battle, and Snow categories for easier browsing. Say goodbye to the single, all-encompassing “Objects” category.

Build a World Map with Regions

Bring your map to life with regions - unique objects that add depth to your game world. Dedicate your entire grid or just a portion to regions and convey a world scenery to your players.

Read Creature Names on a Map

Easily identify creatures in battle with our new creature names feature. Game Masters and players can now quickly orient themselves, even in the midst of large, complex battles, with clear names displayed above miniatures and tokens.

Reworked Walls, Roofs, and Terrains!

Experience improved control and detail with our updated wall, roof, and terrain brushes. The brush size has been set to 1x1, providing greater precision, and we’ve also upgraded the graphical assets for a more polished look.

Zoom Out More

You can now zoom out more than before.

What’s Next?

We hope you like the update! We’re already working on the next one.

The multiple maps feature is coming soon!

We appreciate your support!

Jan, Dungeon Realms Team

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