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New Update: Chat Unblock 🎲 & Better Reviews!

Hi! This is Jan. I’m excited to tell you about our new Dungeon Realms update.

Chat Unblock

We’ve received a lot of feedback on rolls blocking the chat. Most of the time, you criticized that it slows down the game’s flow. We finally asked you on Discord if we should remove it, and it became even more evident.

82% voted YES, and just 17% voted NO.

So it’s gone! Players will have to roll when a Game Master sets up a roll, but everyone else can keep sending messages. The same goes for setting up a rest.

More Visible Reviews

When browsing public campaigns, you can see a rating of a Game Master right next to their name now. Or, when browsing through applicants, as a GM, you can see the rating of each player applying to your campaign.

You’ll also be prompted to review your co-players after sending 15 messages in a campaign.

We also fixed a couple of bugs.

Thank you for being here with us! A new update is coming soon! 🔥


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