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Check Out What Is Going to Be in the Next Update! 🔥 New Features and Content! 📦

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hi! 👋

Our iOS & Android teams are getting closer to the next big update, which will bring the matchmaking feature and other new things to the app. Meanwhile, the Fireball content team painted many new beautiful scenes you can check out, and writers already finished two brand new adventures. The company itself is growing and hiring new mobile devs! 👨‍💻

The Matchmaking Feature Is Coming Soon!

Fireball iOS and Android teams are working hard on the upcoming update. 📦 And there is not just matchmaking! Let us give you a quick overview of upcoming features. We’ll go into greater detail when the update is released.

👉 Matchmaking

As a Game Master, you’ll be able to list your game publicly, receive players’ applications and assemble your dream party. As a player, you’ll be able to browse new campaigns in-app and apply to them.

👉 Matchmaking: Experience Level

You will be able to filter campaigns based on your experience level. You can either browse campaigns, which are looking for beginners or experienced role-players.

👉 Matchmaking: Time zones

By default, we’ll show you only campaigns created in your time zone or a few time zones nearby. You can also view all.

As a Game Master, you can change the time zone of your campaign. That might come in handy if you go on an exotic vacation, for example.

👉 Write Notes

Both Game Masters and Players will be able to write notes in-campaign. You can use them to save info about a campaign or a character.

👉 Hit Posting Goal

A posting goal is based on a pace of a campaign (10, 4, or 1 message per day per user). The app will be checking if you’ve hit your daily posting goals. In case you haven’t, you’ll receive a notification nudge to send a campaign message. GMs can turn off the posting goal feature.

👉 Keep Activity Rating

Based on how often you hit or not hit posting goals, your activity rating changes. This information will be publicly available on your profile. We’ll also show it to Game Masters when you’re applying to their campaigns.

👉 Character Description & Backstory Edit

You’ll be able to change your character’s public description.

There will also be a possibility to edit your current backstory or create a custom one.

👉 Race and Class Information

Your character sheet will now contain information about your character’s race and class.

👉 GM Whispering

As a player, you’ll be able to whisper (send private in-game messages) to the GM.

New Chat Background Scenes!

The art team is not slowing down! Check out new scenes you’ll be able to put under the chat to set the right atmosphere. 🎨

The First Fireball Adventure Will Be Revealed Soon!

It was inspiring to create the first Fireball original story. We can’t wait to share it with you, and we’ll do so soon!

Fireball Is Growing!

Exciting things are happening in the company too!

New Private Investors

Fireball received a round of funding, which will help us deliver a top-quality product to everyone sooner! Our new investors are David and Jan. 💸. David Siska from Purpose Ventures is a seasoned investor who focuses on projects that make a positive impact. Jan Ilavsky not only designed and created Chameleon Run, a successful mobile game but also Beat Saber, a mega-hit on the VR market. Both joined Fireball in April 2021.

Hiring New Android & iOS Devs

We’re looking for passionate mobile developers who love fantasy and games. We prefer them in Prague, but we have no problem with remote work. If you know someone, please let them know! 👨‍💻

Thank you so much for reading! We think the upcoming months are going to be exciting for the community and us. 🔥

Fireball Team

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