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Dungeon Realms Out - Download Now! 🔥

Hi! This is Jan, Dungeon Realms CEO & Designer.

Our role-playing app is finally available on Google Play and the App Store! The whole team is SO EXCITED! Thank you so much for supporting us for the past three years. This is just the beginning.

We’re looking forward to adding more features for you to enjoy! I will tell you more about our plans for the future in a couple of days, in the meantime...

What to Do After You Downloaded

Create a Fun Campaign and Invite Friends!

Even if you’re not used to being a Game Master, you should try it now. Dungeon Realms takes hard work off your shoulders - it does a lot of calculations and makes it easy to create NPCs and manage your party.

Let your friends know about the app, invite them to your campaign in-app, and have a great time together - anytime, anywhere, on your phones.

Start a Ready-Made Adventure!

Ready-made adventures are designed to be fun for both Game Masters and Players. They also help a Game Master to tell a good, coherent story with ready-made messages, unique NPCs, and illustrations.

We have something for everyone. Hooves & Horns is a light-hearted family adventure on a farm. In comparison, Frozen Hunger is scarier and darker. Curse of a Temple Cove is a classic pirate adventure on an exotic island.

Or Create a Character and Join a Public Campaign

Create your character and check campaigns in the app's Browse tab. Those campaigns are looking for players, and you can apply to them. You can filter them by a timezone or an experience level. You can also search them by a Game Master’s name.

If You Were Using the App Before...

Character Slots

If you had more than three characters, pick the ones to fill up your three free character slots. Get more character slots if you want more than three characters to be active.

Listing Campaigns

We automatically set all campaigns in the app to private. If you have public campaigns, the app will let you select ones still looking for players and list them again.

Let’s Role-Play!

Thank you again for your support. I hope you will have a great time. There might be things you’d like to change in the app or you find bugs. You can always contact us at or our Discord server.


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