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Fireball Beta is here! Find campaigns and players in-app now!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Fireball Beta update is now available to all Kickstarter backers. It contains five new features, most notably Matchmaking. Update the Fireball app to create publicly-listed campaigns as a Game Master, or join them as a player.


  1. 👉  How to Update

  2. 👉  Tutorial: Get a dream party for your campaign

  3. 👉  Tutorial: Find and join a thrilling campaign

  4. 👉  Overview: Posting Goals & Activity Rating

  5. 👉  Overview: Notes

  6. 👉  Overview: Custom Rolls

  7. 👉  Early Access Disclaimer

  8. 👉  Upcoming Features

How to Update 🆙

You can get Fireball Beta both on iOS and Android.


Open the Testflight app, find Fireball RPG, and tap the Update button.

Android system

Find Fireball RPG on Google Play and update. If you have trouble finding Fireball RPG in Google Play, go to – this link will work only for people who already received access to Alpha.

Didn’t get the Alpha version?

In case you hadn’t received the Early Access yet, please go here and tap the button “Get Early Access.”

Having Troubles?

Make sure you’re signed in with a Google Play account or Apple ID connected to your Fireball access. If you are still having trouble finding the app, please contact us at, and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

Overview: Posting Goals & Activity Rating ⭐

Posting Goals

Game Masters can now set up a pace for their campaigns. A campaign pace determines how many messages a day each user in the campaign should send.

  1. Fast – at least ten messages a day per user

  2. Medium – at least four messages a day per user

  3. Slow – at least one message a day per user

  4. No Pace

If a user doesn’t hit the posting goal of 1/4/10 messages day, we send nudge notifications at 4 PM and 8 PM to hit the goal.

Activity Rating

Suppose users don’t hit their posting goals regularly, their activity rating decreases. It increases again when they start accomplishing the posting goals—the app weights in mainly on a recent period. In case your rating is bad, it shouldn’t be that hard to get it back again.

Overview: Notes 📜

Both Game Masters and Players will be able to write notes in-campaign. You can use them to save info about a campaign or a character.

Notes don’t work cross-campaign. Each campaign has its unique notebook for each player and a Game Master.

Overview: Custom Rolls

Game Masters can now let players roll any number of dice and even combine them. You can use it for damage rolls, custom mechanics, or anything else.

Bugs & Performance

You’ll probably encounter bugs and crashes. Let us know about them at or in our Discord. We will try to eliminate them (with fire & coffee) as soon as possible. 🙌

Exclusive for Fireball Kickstarter Backers

This Beta 1.0 release is still accessible only for people who supported us in our Kickstarter campaign.

We’re currently considering opening Beta 2.0 to all role-players and making it invitation-only. 🔥

Can’t-Wait for Your Feedback!

Thank you so much for reading! We’re excited to give you the Beta access and already can’t wait on the next update, which will contain more in-campaign features. 🔥

Features we’re currently working on:

  1. Character Equipment ⚒️

  2. Item Management ⚒️

  3. Spells & Features ⚒️

  4. Leveling ⚒️

  5. Skill Checks ⚒️

  6. Race Abilities ⚒️

  7. GM Action: Rest ⚒️

  8. Combat V1 ⚒️

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us here, or, Discord, Instagram, or Facebook.

Fireball Team

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