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Holiday Adventure ❄️ & Two Ready-Made Regions!

Hey! 👋 Jan here, wishing all role-players a happy holiday. We’ve just added three new pieces of content to the app for you to enjoy.

First up is a festive Quest called Underneath the Zenith Tree, which is nice, short, and free to play.

We’ve also added two new sandbox regions to explore: Fairfax and Cradle. Fairfax is where the Hooves & Horns adventure takes place, while Cradle is a region that players discover after completing The First Step campaign. Both regions are filled with rich lore, illustrations, interesting locations, and new NPCs to meet.

Check them out below, and have a great time playing!

Free Quest: Underneath the Zenith Tree

A humble winter celebration in a struggling town goes horribly awry. Can you uncover the deeper mystery and save the holiday?

Region: Fairfax

Contains: GM Notes, History, BBEG, 5 NPCs, 7 Locations, 7 Chat Images

A whimsical land where fun and games are the pinnacle of life, the kingdom of Fairfax is like a fairy tale—but even fairy tales have dark shadows.

Recommended for Hooves & Horns players.

Region: Cradle

Contains: GM Notes, History, Factions, 4 NPCs, 4 Locations, 3 Chat Images

The origin of all Charred Shores civilizations, the island metropolis of Cradle holds many ancient secrets and diverse factions vying for control over the “center of the world”.

Recommended for The First Step players.

Enjoy! Thank you so much for your support. We’re already working hard on the next update!

Jan & Dungeon Realms Team

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