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Play Dungeon Realms on Desktop & iPad!

Hey! 👋 This is Jan. Starting today, you can use Dungeon Realms on iPad, macOS, and even PCs! Let’s go over that one by one.

Role-playing on an iPad

Our app was available on an iPad before, but it wasn’t really playable. There were experience-breaking bugs and layout limitations. For example, you couldn’t set up an ability check.

Our iOS dev Jacob fixed all critical bugs we knew of and refreshed layouts. He also made Dungeon Realms work even with a physical keyboard!

The app is still not very nice on iPad. The UI is stretched, and some elements are not positioned correctly. But it should be 100% playable now!

Using Dungeon Realms on Mac

Open App Store and search for “Dungeon Realms.” You should see our app there! Feel free to download it.

The version on macOS is the same as on iPad. It’s not completely optimized, but you can use your computer keyboard to play! That might be useful, especially for Game Masters.

Please note that the app is available only for Macs with the M1 chip. Those are usually Macs that Apple released in 2020 forward. You can check if you have an M1 Mac by tapping the Apple button (top right corner) and clicking “About this Mac.” Under graphics, you can see if your computer uses an M1 chip or an Intel chip.

Using Dungeon Realms on PC

We didn’t think about using Dungeon Realms on PCs before, but our community members are clever. They used an Android emulator to run the app on the desktop.

There are multiple ways to set it up. I recommend reading this article from PcMag.

Make Use of Text-Size Settings

I would suggest setting your text size to “Large” both on iPad and Desktop. It makes the text easier to read. You can chat the text by going into the home screen, tapping the “Settings” button, and the “Text Size Settings.”

We’re working on new cool updates that are coming very soon!

Thank you,


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