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Mobile Map Making is Here! 🌳 Available to Everyone!

Exciting news, adventurers! Introducing the Map Builder, one of our biggest features yet. Unleash your imagination and create custom locations for all your epic journeys - dungeons, cities, meadows, or something completely new.

Upgrade your Dungeon Realms app now to experience it for yourself. Don’t have the app yet? You can download it on Google Play or the App Store.

Start building your first map and embark on a new campaign today!

Build Your Maps!

Maps are available for all campaigns for free. They’re 32x32 tiles (160x160 feet). You’ll be able to create even bigger maps soon!

The possibilities are huge, with 48 terrains, ten roofs, and 15 walls to paint with. Our art team has created the first six terrains, while the rest, along with all the roofs and walls, are hand-painted textures bought from ArtStation, soon to be replaced with custom, high-quality art.

But that’s not all. The creative control is all yours! Decorate your maps with 87 objects, 38 weapons, 15 armor, 98 items, and 60 symbols.

Map Tools: Delete, Undo, Reset, or Sync

Streamline your map-making process with our tools.

Quickly delete specific terrains or all terrains with the eraser tool, or select any object, icon, or symbol and remove it with a simple tap on the trash button. And don’t worry about mistakes; a complete map reset or just a simple Undo is a click away.

When ready, show your masterpiece to players by tapping the “Save” button in the top right corner.

Don’t forget you can launch combat on any map!

What’s Next for Maps

We’re dedicated to making your map-making journey even better, with plans for larger maps, the ability to save and quickly access multiple maps, and more map content based on your feedback. And get ready for the introduction of World Maps, a new type of map allowing you to build entire regions and continents.

We’d love to see your amazing creations! So don’t hesitate to send us your cool-looking maps. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

We appreciate your support, and let us know your thoughts on this feature.

Thank you,

Jan & Dungeon Realms Team

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