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Pro Campaigns: Enjoy 3-Day Free Trial!

Hi! 👋

Monsters & NPCs are coming very soon! In the meantime, we were also working on the Pro Campaigns concept. Now you can join the Pro Campaign right in the app WITHOUT any upfront payment. You have a 3-DAY FREE TRIAL with a Pro Game Master. After that, you’ll be able to sign up for $4.99 a week if you want to keep playing. We believe it’s way more flexible for players.

You can check the app for Pro Campaigns right now!

How We Iterated & How It Works?

This week we ran a survey on our Discord asking people about the feature. Some people didn’t join because they were waiting for features such as Battle Map or Improved Mechanics. Some people said paying $19.99 upfront is too much, especially when they don’t know the Pro Game Master. That makes sense, and we’ll deliver those features soon; it’s our top priority! Thank you so much for the feedback!

We iterated the concept to be much more flexible for players and got all our Pro GMs onboard.

As stated above, you can go into the app, see Pro Campaigns in the Browse tab and send applications to any of them. Then you can decide if you want to subscribe for $4.99 a week or if you want to leave the campaign. If the GM picks you, you have a 3-day free trial after the campaign starts.

If you’re subscribed, and you leave the campaign, or the campaign ends, your subscription is automatically canceled.

Thank you!


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