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New: Char Stats, Weight & Price & Reporting!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hi! Jan’s here! In March, we’ve been working on a lot of new features. The team released some of them yesterday! Let’s go over it.

New Character Sheet Tab: Stats!

Mechanics are crucial for this app. We’ve dedicated a new senior developer to it full-time, and we hope to make significant progress soon!

In the meantime, you can now access some of your character’s statistics in their character sheet. We categorized them into three sections: Combat, Spellcasting, and Proficiencies.

You can see your Melee Attack Roll Bonus, Ranged Attack Roll Bonus, and Damage in the Combat section. They’re related to your current equipment.

In Spellcasting, you can see your main Spellcasting Ability, Spell Save Difficulty Class, and Spell Attack Bonus.

In the Proficiencies section, you can find Your Proficiency Bonus, types of weapons, armors, tools, music instruments you’re proficient with, and your Saving Throw proficiencies.

Weight & Price for Items 📦

When you tap an item image, you can see its detail. Each item detail now contains information about weight and price.

Character Names in GM Actions

When performing GM actions such as changing health, adding XP, or setting up an ability check, you can see Character Names above their miniatures.

Game Master Action Menu Redesign: State, Scenes

We changed the GM Action menu a little bit.

“Conditions” and “Exhaustion” are now under the “State” option. You can also see Chat Backgrounds in GM Actions and change them by sending a message.

Report Bad Guys & Contact Fireball

You can now report other users if their behavior is over the line. You can also contact Fireball directly from the app from your account screen.

Facebook Login

You can now log in via Facebook as well.

Next: NPCs! 🧝

We’re already working hard on the next update, which will enable GMs to create NPCs! You’ll be able to work with them like they’re characters. You will also be able to send messages as an NPC.

We hope you’re enjoying your adventures and can’t wait to share more updates with you soon!


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