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New: Edit, Delete, and Copy Messages! Custom Roll for GMs!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

A new update is here! You can now edit, delete or copy messages. Game Masters can do a Custom Roll. We also fixed bugs and implemented a few other minor improvements.

If you haven’t downloaded Fireball yet, you can do so at

Edit, Delete & Copy Messages ✏️

All you need to do is long-touch a message and select the desired action: Edit, Delete or Copy. This works will all messages – in-campaign, out-of-campaign, and direct messages.

Editing or Deleting Messages with Actions

If your message contains an Action, such as Roll or Health Points Change, you can edit or delete only text. You can’t delete or edit an Action because it already affected Players.

Copying Messages to Notes

We recommend Copying messages to Notes to save important information about your adventure. Currently, you can’t copy messages of other users, but we will add this functionality soon.

Custom Roll for Game Masters 🎲

As a Game Master, you can do a Custom Roll now. Select yourself in the Roll settings and then roll with other players.

Other Improvements

We fixed a bunch of bugs. Most importantly, we fixed the bug causing iOS users to be stuck at 99% loading. Hooray!

Thank you so much for your support! We’re already working on the next update, which will improve your adventures even more!

Fireball Team

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