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Play the Hooves & Horns Adventure and Get $20! ⭐ (time-limited)

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Jan’s Here.

Thank you! You downloaded the Hooves & Horns adventure over six hundred times already. You also sent us your play-throughs, which helps us build the H&H (Hooves & Horns) GM AI. 🔥


We’re on a short deadline. There is a meeting with a significant private investor soon, and we need to have the H&H GM AI beta ready.

We need to have at least 150 play-throughs of Hooves & Horns ASAP.

I was trying to find a way, and I realized that being a Game Master is not just a hobby. For some, it’s a profession that makes money. I asked our Discord Community if they want to give it a try.

This was their response:

Announcing The Hooves & Horns Week: Send Us Your Session By September 15 and get $20 💵

Let’s do it! I’m pretty excited to get your sessions. It will improve our product! 📦

Those are a few essential rules:

  1. Everyone who will send us a Hooves & Horns session by September 15, Midnight (NYC time), will get $20. We’ll pay it via Paypal or a Wire.

  2. During the session, you need to finish the Hooves & Horns adventure. It should take only about an hour at the table or a few hours for play-by-post.

  3. We won’t accept adventures that are cut short obviously on purpose (e.g., Total Party Kill in the first few minutes).

  4. You need to have at least two players in your party.

  5. You can send us as many sessions as you want, but it needs to be with a different party every time.

For example, you as a GM can play Hooves & Horns five times with at least ten different people. That would get you $100.

Accepted formats

  1. Text (preferred) – You can play it via Fireball, Discord, Email, Rolegate, Whatsapp, or any other chat app.

  2. Voice-only – Record your session online or at the table.

  3. Video – Record your session online or at the table.

Send it to:

  1. Send files or links to


Download the Hooves & Horns PDF

You can get it here at – enter your email, and the PDF will open.

Why the AI GM Is Important to Us 🌌

This AI could bring so much fun to a lot of people. Imagine a chat application where you can play a unique and coherent adventure anytime with your friends. You can give us a chance to build it.

It would launch role-playing itself into the stratosphere. ⏫

That’s the goal of our company – to bring role-playing to more people. We believe the joy of imagination beats the numbness of popping balloons, flapping birds, and crushing candies.

We might be at the start of something big.

If You Have Any Questions, We’re Here for You

We need to have a look at your sessions to gather the right data. I understand some of you might be concerned about privacy, but I can assure you that we only care about what fantasy characters do and what you say as a Game Master. We don’t track who you are or what you like. We just need to see how this adventure goes for you.

If you have any concerns, we can talk about them, and I can explain anything in greater detail. Hit me up at or on Discord. My nickname is r00se#5823.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll consider running this adventure! 🔥

PS: New Fireball update is in the making, and it will improve the experience!

Jan Fireball CEO & Lead Designer

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