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Progress on Fireball Open Beta (Coming Soon!) & New Content

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hi, guys! Jan’s here, Fireball Designer & CEO.

I want to talk to you about Beta 2 and show you our newest content.

This Year Was About Improving the Early Access

We released the first closed Early Access Alpha version for about 100 people last Winter. In 2021, we released Alpha 2 (about 1500 backers) and Beta 1 (about 2500 backers).

After every release, we listened closely to our community and analyzed usage data. We made swift decisions on what features to build next.

Version Overview 📱 

  1. Alpha 1, Dec 23, 2020: 4 playable races, Campaign chat, OOC chat, Ability checks, Saving throws, Chat Background Images, Direct Messages

  2. Alpha 2, Mar 31, 2021: 12 playable races, Campaign Management (delete, rename, kick out…), Pacing, Auto-roll

  3. Beta 1, Jul 30, 2021: Matchmaking, Timezones, Posting Goal and Activity Rating, Custom Roll, Notes, GM Whispering

It’s currently possible in the app to create or join a campaign, do some essential rolling and have fun. But rules, an integral part, are still missing. We’re aware of how crucial that is. We’re happy to say that the Open Beta is almost finished, and it might be just the right fix. It took us a little bit longer than anticipated, but it should be here in a couple of weeks.

You will be able to:

Game Masters 👑

  1. Manage player’s items, add new or remove. Search for any item.

  2. Auto-rest if players didn’t prepare their spells, and it’s blocking your campaign.

  3. Set up rest for a party (both short & long).

  4. Set up rolls: skill check, initiative, attack, and damage.

Players 🎮

  1. Explore your inventory, equip weapons, armors, and shields.

  2. Track carrying capacity and GP, SP, and CP.

  3. Browse item descriptions.

  4. Browse spellbook and spell descriptions. Get spells at a new level. Prepare spells after a long rest.

  5. Level up, choose new features and spells. See how much XP you have.

  6. New Rolls: Skill check, Initiative, Attack roll, and Damage roll.

Improved Character Creation 🧝

  1. Racial traits are available, and they will have mechanical effects.

  2. Feature overview while selecting a class.

  3. Items, Skills, and Languages available for a background.

  4. Starting items based on a class and a background.

New Mechanics ⚙️

  1. All characters now have their health set correctly based on a class.

  2. Skill check / Initiative / ATK rolls / DMG rolls – proper modifiers will be added automatically.

  3. Special Circumstances can be added to the roll – like “Stonecunning” – proper modifiers will be added automatically.

  4. We will add subraces and subclasses as well.


In the first version, there are going to be features & spells available only for characters up to level 3. We’ll be completing higher levels as soon as possible. The system for it will be ready, so it shouldn’t take long.

There is a lot of stuff going into this version.

This update will also contain:

  1. 94 Items

  2. 37 Weapons

  3. 13 Armors

  4. 2 Shields

  5. 125 Spells (Cantrips, LVL 1, LVL 2)

  6. 64 Racial Traits

  7. 55 Class Features

There Are Three Adventures Ready

Our iOS & Android devs are pushing Beta 2. Meanwhile, the Fireball Content team works on new characters, adventures, and lore. 📦

We’ve prepared three adventures in recent months, and we’re working on new ones. They’ll be announced in full soon, but right now, check out their covers.

Each adventure contains

  1. 30+ ready-made messages

  2. Original locations, NPCs, and a plot

  3. 3-4 chapters

  4. Twenty pages of descriptions

Hooves & Horns Already Downloaded 1000x 🐐

In September, we released the Fireball adventure called Hooves & Horns. Over one thousand Game Masters got the adventure, enjoyed it, and playtesters provided us feedback on what to improve it.

Hooves and Horns is a light-hearted level 1 adventure for a party of any size that takes your players through the Umbral Woods to a mysterious homestead inhabited entirely by…goats.

Players must solve the mysterious goat infestation and avoid all dangers along the way.

We Can’t Wait to Introduce Fireball Lore

We’ve prepared the first subregion of Fireball lore. We’ll announce its name and everything about it after Open Beta.

Improving Styling & UI 🎨

At the same time, we’re always trying to find a way to improve the app’s visual style. Let us share some of our content work in progress.

Fireball Team is Growing!

We work with new iOS devs, android devs, and artists! Our team is growing, and we’re accelerating the pace of development. Expect further app updates to happen more frequently.


We can’t wait to release the Open Beta. We work hard to do it asap, and we keep creating a bunch of content in parallel.

We’re grateful that you’re staying with us and that you’re patient! Having such an incredible community keeps us going.

If you have any questions, you can ask us on Discord or


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