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Ready-Made Adventures Coming!

Hi! This is Jan, DR’s CEO and designer. The app store release is just around the corner, and I can’t wait for you to see Dungeon Realms Ready-made Adventures. Make sure to read to the end - there is a reward for you! 🎁

Quick Disclaimer: The app will still be a Beta even on app stores. We’re working hard on battle maps, world-building, and improved mechanics. The app will be out of Beta once all of those features are released - but it won’t be in the next release yet.

I’m excited about pre-made adventures because I believe they’re the best experience the Dungeon Realms app can offer. Our content team spent months writing them and creating art for them.

Great Experience for Players and Simple for Game Masters

Every Dungeon Realms adventure contains many ready-made messages that help you tell the story. Add them to your message draft with one tap, edit whatever you like, then send! They also contain attachments such as appropriate rolls, images, or other GM actions.

Easy-to-Understand Stories Made for Text Role-Playing

We know that role-playing via chat is different from playing at the table. Dungeon Realms adventures are designed to be accessible, easy to use, and immersive, so you get the best experience on mobile. They’re easy to navigate for even GM beginners.

You’re Not Only Getting an Adventure, But Also the Content that Comes With It

Some adventures will be free, and some will cost Fire Gems. If you’d like to play a premium adventure, you need to own it. When you get the premium adventure, you get not only all pre-made messages and a guide but also unique NPCs, Monsters, and Chat Background images. You can then use this content even in all your homebrew campaigns!

Introducing Four Adventures that Are Coming!

Deep in the catacombs of Cradle City, you must use your skills to solve puzzles, battle monsters, and recover your lost memory as you escape the crumbling tunnels. Learn how to role-play in Dungeon Realms with this beginner adventure!

Deep in the Umbral Woods, a homestead is being overrun by a mysterious horde of goats - and they don’t seem to want to leave. Did they turn up for an easy feast of garden vegetables or is something more sinister ahoof?

Temple Cove is rumored to hold unfathomable riches, but to reach them you and your crew must test your abilities in its mysterious chambers and earn Keystones to open up the vault. Is there really treasure inside or does the temple have one final trick up its sleeve?

A fierce blizzard forces you to seek shelter in a nearby lodge. But the calm atmosphere is soon shattered by screams as one of the lodgers is dragged away, leaving a bloody trail through the frozen landscape. What exactly is picking people off and can it be stopped?

The Reward 🎁 100% DISCOUNT PROMO CODE on the Hooves & Horns Adventure

We prepared promo codes for the Hooves & Horns adventure. You enter the code into the app, unlocking the Hooves & Horns adventure for you at no charge.

The whole team is excited about the app store release! Thank you for being with us, and thank you for your support!


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