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Scene Package #1! 📦 Canyon, Castle, Desert & More

Hi! 👋 The new version is here! You can now access new premium scenes if you update your Dungeon Realms app. We also made all scenes more visible in your campaigns.

Scene Package #1!

There are six new chat background scenes you can get and use in your campaigns: Canyon, Castle, Desert, Jungle, Throne, and Waterfall.

Each scene costs 99 Fire Gems, which is less than a dollar. Get them by accessing your Game Master actions and tapping the Scene button. You will see those new scenes in your selection. You can get them and use them as your chat background - your players will see them.

Better Scene Positioning

We moved most of our scenes slightly lower on the screen, making more of them visible.

Characters on Android moved to a Shelf

Characters on Android are moved to a shelf now. It’s essential for us because soon we’ll be adding maps - you will use the shelf for dragging characters into the map.

In parallel with more minor updates, we’re also working hard on maps and new mechanics! We can’t wait to release it.


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