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3 Free Char Slots, Activity Rating & Kickstarter Rewards!

Hi! This is Jan, DR’s designer & CEO. The Dungeon Realms App Store release is coming soon, probably in the upcoming weeks, and I wanted to let you know about some things regarding Character Slots, Activity Ratings, and Kickstarter Pledges.

Not One Free Character Slot, But Three!

I was talking about Character Slots in a previous update on July 28. Those are “boxes” for your characters. I told you that you’d have one slot for free, and if you wanted to have multiple active characters simultaneously, you’d have to pay for more Character Slots.

I read your comments on Kickstarter, and we also chatted about it on Discord in our core community.

After some discussion with our team, we decided to give you three character slots for free instead of just one. So if you’re playing multiple campaigns and don’t want to pay (at least until there are more mechanics), that’s okay - you don’t have to.

Activity Rating

We decided to remove the Dungeon Realms Activity Rating for now. We will remove it in the app store release version, which is coming soon. Too many role-players on our app don’t deserve a bad activity rating.

It’s not hard to have it decreased - all it takes is a chat blocked for days by a roll, inactive co-players, or a Game Master. We will return with this feature once it’s done better. There will be an option to pause a game (for example, when a GM is on vacation) and also an option to keep playing, even when a campaign is waiting for a roll to be made. Those features do not have as high priority as, e.g., mechanics, or battle maps, so we’ll take our time with this.

You will also stop getting the Activity rating notifications twice a day.

Claiming Kickstarter Rewards

I want to tell you exactly how Kickstarter rewards will work. We’re still committed to fulfilling the promises we made during our April 2020 Campaign.

We had plans for the Character Builder Pass and World Builder Pass. But currently, we still need some time to build features connected to it - like Character Avatar Builder or a Map Editor.

There will be ready-made Adventures in the release version - which was part of the World Builder Pass. So we had to find a way to deliver this to you for free, based on your pledge.

We came up with Promo Codes.

In the Dungeon Realms App Store release version, there is an option to add a promo code. A correct promo code can unlock any premium content in the app - adventures, character slots, and more.

Each Kickstarter Backer with a World Builder Pass (Pledges: Cheese Sandwich, Sausage in a bun, Whole roasted chicken, Rodent plate, Dwarf Chocolate Cake) will get a unique promo code to your Kickstarter e-mail that will unlock ALL PRE-MADE ADVENTURES for you. We plan on releasing more adventures regularly. The code will expire in 3, 6, or 12 months - after that, you’ll lose access to those adventures. But you will have plenty of time to play them.

Once we add more Character Builder and World Builder features, we will send you new promo codes for those features.

Dungeon Realms Will Still Be in Beta!

I said this before and just wanted to emphasize it - we consider the app, even being on App Stores publicly, to be a Beta version. We will strip down the Beta label once there is a Battle Map, Better Mechanics, and World-Building. That’s what we promised and what we’re going for. :)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you so much for your support!


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