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Start Your Fireball Campaign Now: 10 Adventure Ideas! 💡

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hi, guys! This is Jan, the Fireball designer. Today I want to share with you ten ideas for your Fireball adventure! I will also tell you how to create the campaign and invite players!

We Designed Fireball to Make Game Mastering Easy

There are reasons why people are sometimes afraid of Game Mastering…

It’s hard to improvise on the spot – don’t worry about it with Fireball. It’s played asynchronously via chat. You can take all the time you need to think about what will happen to your party next.

It’s hard to remember all the rules – while Fireball doesn’t have the complete mechanics ruleset built-in yet, there are things that can make your GM life easier. For example, it automatically tracks hit points, conditions, inventories, exhaustion, and experience points.

Setting up a roll is also extremely easy – Fireball has built-in ability checks, saving throws, attack + DMG rolls, and initiative. You can also set up custom rolls.

Setting Up a New Campaign in 30 Seconds

You can tap a button, put in the name of your campaign, set a pace (10, 4, or 2 messages a day, or no pace), and start.

You Will Always Have Someone to Play With

You can invite friends to your campaign directly. If they’re in the Fireball app, tap “invite” and put in their usernames. They’ll get invitations, pick a character to join with, and everything is ready.

If you have no one to play with, you can easily list your campaign publicly, and people will send you applications. You can assemble a dream party out of all characters that applied.

You can also list your campaign in Fireball Discord in the #looking-for-players channel. People will react – and you might even find new friends there!

No Adventure Idea? Here Are 10 of Them

Sometimes you’re not sure what adventure to run. It’s like writer’s block. Feel free to use any of the ten campaign ideas below!

Of course, you can start your campaign with your own idea! The important thing is that you and your players have fun and experience an adventure together!


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