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Tag a @Character in Your Campaign! 🎯

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hey! It’s Jan, the Fireball co-founder and designer. How are you? Today I’m excited to share a new Fireball update: Tagging! I will also talk more about what’s coming in nearest weeks.

Tag a @Character in Your Campaign!

It might get tedious to write the names of characters during your adventure repeatedly. The 5th most requested feature is the ability to @tag characters in the campaign chat. We’re releasing it now! Update your Fireball app to get it.

How to Tag Characters or a Game Master?

Just write @ in the campaign chat. You’ll be able to select a character or the Game Master. Their name will automatically fill in the chat.

What’s Next for the Fireball App?

We have a big announcement to make in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, two features are coming in May and June’s first half.

Text-Size Settings

We received a lot of feedback that the text is too small in the app. You will be able to pick out three text sizes: Small, Medium, and Large!

Character Sheet Out of Campaign

You will be able to access your character sheet out of the campaign and edit your background or a public character description anytime!

…And the Biggest Thing Will Be Revealed Soon!

We are working hard on something exciting, and it will be here very soon. Expect a significant announcement first week of June!

Thank you so much for your support! Jan

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