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Dungeon Realms Lore World Map Reveal! 👀

Hi! This is Jan. I’m excited to present our lore world map!

Welcome to The Charred Shores: a fantasy setting that’s both warmly familiar and excitingly new. Races and creatures you’ll recognize roam its diverse lands, while its history, lore, and mysteries will spark boundless adventures. Investigate rumors of fairies in whimsical Fairfax, survive the cold, orc-ridden wilderness of the Lightless Coast, sail with pirates in the Scattered Sea - anything is possible in the inclusive, easy-to-understand world of The Charred Shores.

Full Color


Did you know that our adventures are taking place in this world? Hooves & Horns is placed in the Covenant, Frozen Hunger in Lightless coast, Curse of Temple Cove in Scattered Sea, and The First Step right in the Cradle City on Cradle Island.

We appreciate your support! 🧡 You can expect new cool updates soon! We’re working around the clock on the first battle map update, new mechanics, and other cool features.


Dungeon Realms CEO

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