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This Is Going to Be in the Next Update, Beta 2: Equipment, Spells, 🔥 Abilities & Combat v1 ⚔️

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hi! 👋  

The next Fireball update is in the making, and we think this will be the most important update since Alpha 1. We’re focused on adding more campaign-related features, improving character sheets, and giving GMs more tools to run their campaigns. Let’s dive into it! 🔥

The list below is possibly subject to change. We plan on releasing the Beta 2 version in the upcoming months.

Players, Equip Your Characters! 🎒

You’ll be able to equip armors, shields, weapons, and magic items. There will also be an inventory of all other things your character carries.

👉  Starting Items: During character creation, you’ll pick starting items based on your class and background. 👉  Carrying Capacity: The app will track how much load your character carries, and you’ll get penalized if your character carries more than they can. 👉  Money: We’ll track how many gold/silver/copper pieces your character has. 👉  Item details: You will be able to view detail of every armor, weapon, shield, or item; see its icon, stats, and description. 👉  Item Management: GMs will be able to edit and add items or money to characters.

Open Your Spell books! 📖

Every character will have access to a Spell book with all spells they can use. Spells will be categorized by their level. Each spell will have its detail with an icon, stats, description, and ready-made message for players to use when casting. 🔥

See Your Features!

The last char sheet tab will contain all features your character can use. We’ll also include racial traits!

Level Up and Get New Features

When you reach a high enough amount of XP, you’ll be able to see what features you’ll have accessible. ✅

GM Action: Rest

GMs will be able to set both long and short rests to a party. Characters will regain hit points based on the type of rest. 💚

Finally Roll with a Skill Bonus

Up until now, Game Masters were able to set up only Ability Checks or Saving Throws. With the next update, you can also set up Skill Checks.

Initiative, Attack Rolls & Damage Rolls ⚔️

We’re already working on grid map battles, but it will take a little bit more time. Until that, you’ll be able to roll initiative, attack rolls, and damage rolls right in the app.

👉 Initiative: It’s an automatic dexterity ability check. You can set up a (dis)advantage to it. 👉 Attack Roll: Players will roll with D20, and we’ll add STR or DEX modifiers automatically based on the type of weapon they have equipped. We’ll also add a proficiency bonus if the player is proficient with a weapon they’re using. 👉 Damage Roll: Players will roll with a weapon they’re using and will get an STR or DEX bonus. 👉 Critical Hit: If a player rolls natural 20, the subsequent damage roll will double automatically.

Possibility: Open-Access to non-backers too

Initially, we release this version to all Kickstarter Backers only. We’ll wait a few days for their (yours) feedback, and if you like the new experience, we’ll move the app to an Open Beta. Then you’ll be able to invite all your friends and experience amazing adventures with them! 🔥

What’s NOT going to be there

We work hard to include all things we’ve promised in our Kickstarter campaign, but we’ll release those features a little bit later:

  1. Grid Map Battles

  2. Ready-made Adventures

  3. Compendium & More Resources

  4. More Races & Classes

  5. Map Editor

  6. NPC Creation

  7. Music & SFX

  8. Dungeon Generator

  9. GM-less Role-playing

News from Fireball Studios 📝

We’re also working hard on hiring new mobile devs. We believe that we might accelerate our speed of development soon.

We also had a little Beta celebration. You can check out the pics below.

Thank you so much for reading! 🔥 Let us know what you think!

Fireball Team

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